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Wash and Dry ($15-$20): Power wash if needed, scrub, dry, and tires dressed
Wash and Wax ($35- $40): Wash, wax, rain x window’s, tire shine and a spray Carnauba wax finish for extra shine and sealant. Approximately 1 ½ hours
Gold ($60 – $70): A quick cleaning of your vehicle, not a full detail. Includes wash, spray wax, tire shine, interior swept, interior wiped down and dressed, windows cleaned. Maximum of 3 hours
Platinum ($125 – $135): Everything in the gold package PLUS engine cleaning if requested, cleaner wax, shampoo floor mats, , rain X windows, headlight buff. This package will leave your vehicle looking brand new. This is a more in depth cleaning inside and out than the gold. Approximately 3-6 hours
Platinum Plus ($150-$160) – CUSTOMER FAVORITE!!! Platinum detail plus paint correction, makes your paint look great, brings the color back and leaves the vehicle with a “wet” look! Also adds a great layer of protection to your paint! Can be done to newer cars as well as old and has become our most popular package because of how great the paint looks!!! NOW INCLUDES FREE CARPET SHAMPOOING!!!
Double Platinum ($250): Starts with a Platinum detailing, additional services included: Full carpet shampoo, trim restoration on all black trim, headlight restoration, and paint correction. A complete overhaul of your vehicle inside and out! Perfect to completely bring your car back to better than new!! This package truly brings a new life back to any vehicle new or old!!
* Pricing for each package is based on the size of the vehicle, trucks and SUV’s being the higher price. There will be an additional $10 charge for all minivans or vehicles with 3rd row seating.
Additional Services These services can be added to any package or done separately Carpet
Shampoo: ($20-$30) Entire vehicle carpet shampoo, adds a more in depth cleaning to carpet and a fresh smell!!!
Headlight Restoration: ($40) for pair
Black Trim Restoration: ($40-$100) Depending on the amount of trim being restored. Car will be taped off and trim will be re-dyed. Trim will look new again and will last vs. just putting a cover up on it. Vehicles such as Chevy Avalanche and older Jeep Grand Cherokees with plastic over the entire bottom will be the high end price, typical vehicles will be the low end price.
Paint Correction/Swirl Removal: ($75-$150 ) This will be a process in which swirls will be removed from the paint as well as minor scratches. It will look like your car was repainted back to original perfection. This includes, wash paint correction and wax, tire dressing.
Platinum Maintenance Detailing
*Must first purchase a full price platinum detailing*
Bi-Weekly ($20) Monthly Maintenance ($45) Bi-monthly ($75)
This will be a full maintenance of your platinum look, wash, spray wax in between waxing to maintain protection, tires dressed, full vehicle sweep, interior wiped down and dressed. Windows cleaned, everything will stay looking brand new from month to month. It will feel like you are permanently driving a new car.
Any company wishing to get multiple vehicles detailed or families with multiple vehicles will receive $10 off per detail.
Any company with more than 5 vehicles, ask for additional savings!!!